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What are your thoughts on global warming? – Osceola News-Gazette


By Mirialyz Figueroa
Liberty High School
9th Grade

Global warming has and will continue to affect each and every one of us and has shown signs of harming our environment. This is known and has been spoken about for years as researchers have dedicated time to dig deeper into this ongoing topic. There are endless conversations and debates about how global warming affects the environment and humankind because of it. Based on not only my own ideas, but also those who have researched the effects and possibilities, the future seems to only get worse.

In a post-pandemic world, the largest issue becomes the worry about a future pandemic or disease. We have already seen how unprepared our communities are when it comes to disease right now, and as Louise Gaille, author for states: “dangerous infectious diseases would spread with ease” because “dangerous diseases are caused by the increase in deadly insects like mosquitoes … which, overall, affect us humans.” With the environment being damaged by higher temperatures, it would be difficult to get water and supplies to make medicines. These problems only lead our future generations to deal with the environment worsening.

It is important that we are prepared for these situations and think of solutions. Something as simple as turning off the sink while brushing your teeth or recycling soda cans can reduce your impact on the environment. It may seem small, but any little effort matters. We need to preserve the good that we have left in nature by doing our best. We need to make sure we always have access to medicines and supplies that will get us through the next pandemic. Even just one wrong step can harm the future generations.

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