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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Does atmospheric CO2 cause global warming? | Opinions from Calaveras County | – Calaveras Enterprise

Most government policy seems to be based on this theory being true. Skeptical scientists who don’t agree are censored and accused of being paid by the oil industry. The oil industry is accused of destroying the planet for profit.

The proof of this theory is presented in a video by Al Gore entitled “An Uncomfortable Truth.” In the movie, a chart of the results of Antarctic ice cores showing the spike of CO2 and global temperature over many years. The chart does show both CO2 and temperature spiking almost together.

John Stossel did several YouTube videos exposing “climate change.” By enlarging the scale on the ice core chart, it becomes clear that there is an association between CO2 and temperature.

Increases in CO2 always follow increases in global warming. Wow.


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