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Letters to the Editor: Huizenga misses the mark; global warming can’t come before human lives –

Huizenga misses the mark on border hot take

From the March 14 Huizenga Huddle:

In taped remarks while touring with a bipartisan delegation in Del Rio Texas, Rep. Bill Huizenga said: “President Biden and Vice President Harris need to actually visit the border to see the crisis they and their Administration have created.”

Thanks, Rep. Huizenga, for making/taking the time to visit the southern border; yes, I wish all Americans could go there for a couple of weeks or even longer. And I would love to convene a small delegation of people who could give a guided tour they would greatly benefit from.

The allegation “to see the crisis they and their Administration have created” is exactly the myopic picture that too many public and private people want to believe. Rep. Huizenga, that “crisis” has been a hundred years in the making; may I suggest no one speak to that unless they do so in much more than a one-liner sound bite.  

I worked in southern California for 15 years among Mexican-American, Mexican and Central American people. The complexity of why those folk have come (recall U.S. involved revolutions in Nicaragua and El Salvador, for example) requires first of all compassion and good will, then the willingness to study and understand that history and the policies of the U.S. toward the Southwest border. And, of course, that is just the most obvious part of the “immigration problem.”  

Five years working in El Salvador followed by two years in Ciudad Juarez Mexico across from El Paso Texas have given me a pretty good feeling/understanding of some of those complexities. Let me urge you, representative, to get behind genuine bipartisan efforts to further promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The things you observed are real, but the solutions being put in place (like more 30-foot camera towers or wall panels) beg the question and are not the answer. When will we ever learn (to do our homework)?

Lou Wagenveld


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Global warming can’t come before human lives

I want to thank The Sentinel for printing Mr. Carpenter’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s Sentinel!

We need more people like that who look at what’s going on, and have the courage to speak up about it. This is not a time for forming sides, Democrat or Republican. This is a time when we have to take a good look at what is happening to our country. I am an independent voter also, and have voted for a mix of Democrats and Republicans to serve our country, and I haven’t always been right. But this is not a time for voter’s remorse, we don’t have time for that. We need to open our eyes to what is happening in our country NOW!

I will not say I have always been right, but what is happening now is definitely wrong. We should not OK a small incursion, and allow that only a few women and children be killed, or a country be destroyed. I’m not saying that we should go to war, I’m saying that we should do everything we can to help them, and we are not doing that now.

We should also look at how our own people are doing with the foolishness going on with our government punishing its own people with self-inflicted wounds. Like stopping our ability to be energy independent, and punishing the truckers, farmers, businesses and many others too many to name that rely on gas to get to work and still have money for food, etc., we should make the electric cars and trucks available to all of our people first. Now is not the time to put global warming first, and the people of our country last.

This is backward thinking, and we do not have time for that!  

Gene Ferdig



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