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How warm is it? | Columns | – Logan Daily News

Before you can say with any certainty whether we have global warming, or global cooling, you really should know just how hot or cold the world is supposed to be, or at least have some sort of baseline to start from. At least, if I were a real scientist, I would want to be sure of that one figure. Common sense tells me that much, anyway. So, how warm or cold is this earth of ours supposed to be? I dug around in my universal encyclopedia, the Internet, and wasn’t able to find two scientists who agreed. I got numbers from 52 degrees Fahrenheit to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I found a website that said, “Since there is no universally accepted definition for Earth’s average temperature, several different groups around the world use slightly different methods for tracking the global average over time…”

As near as these scientists can figure, we have had a warming of the Earth of about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1800s. Wow, again! We’re almost on fire! Even that somewhat insignificant figure isn’t cast in stone, either. Could be a little less; could be a little more. Might it still be within the “normal” range?

Huh? So, there is no accepted norm? I’m not a bit surprised by that. The Warmistas claim that an average temperature isn’t important anyway. They just track the “trends” in temperature. Whether the temperature is going up or down or remaining stagnant over the years. Hah! Now I know why the term, “global warming” has dropped out of favor and “climate change” is now the newest buzz term.

Undaunted, I forged ahead in my quest for climatic knowledge. Dig, dig, dig! I found another website that displayed this headline: “Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-out.” Wow! The very scientists that are touting warming are now baffled because there is none! Where are the headlines around the world saying, “Hurray! We’re saved from a fate worse than death! We’ve stopped global warming!” There are none, of course. No one dares say a word about it because the billions (now trillions) of dollars in federal grants might stop pouring in to all these learned scientists. Of course, I didn’t stop there. I dug some more until I found an interesting graph of temperatures

As I looked at the graph, at first I thought, Wow! What sharp spikes in temperatures. Then I realized that the “Y” axis (up and down) was exaggerated to be able to emphasize the minor changes that were reported. The total range of temperatures from lowest to highest was only 1.8 degrees centigrade. The heading on the graph read, “No global warming for 17 years 5 months.” It cited the reference data from five different global temperature datasets and reached this conclusion. “There has been zero global warming for 13 years. On the ‘hadCRUTA4’ dataset there has been no global warming distinguishable from the published measurement, coverage, and bias certainties for 17 years 6 months. On the RSS dataset, there has been no statistically significant warming at 95% confidence for 24 years 6 months. The Central England Temperature Record, the world’s oldest, shows no warming for 25 years.”

Thank God! I was so-o-o worried that we might be actually headed for a hell on Earth. Everybody fried to a crisp! I am so relieved that the heating has either stopped or had never existed. I break out in a sweat every time I thought of all that warming. I don’t care too much for hot temperatures.

In the event that I had found true global warming was actually happening, I looked up the average temperatures for all the states. The average temperature for our state, Ohio, is 50.7 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to feel the devastating effects of a 1.4 degree rise in temperature since 1880, all you would have to do would be to move to a state whose average temperature is 1.4 degrees warmer than Ohio’s. That would be New Jersey. Their average temperature is 52.7 degrees F. That’s slightly higher than required. Is New Jersey suffering because they are slightly warmer than Ohio? No, of course not. They are suffering because of politics and organized crime. Both have nothing to do with global warming. At least, the latter doesn’t. Politics? Maybe.

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