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Strangers are Leaving Strollers, Diapers, and Toys at the Border for Ukrainian Refugee Moms (LOOK)


An image recently shared around social media of empty strollers on a Polish rail border crossing has inspired a mountain of donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Now at Przemyśl Station, women, children, and infants fleeing the war are being greeted by mountains of clothes, stuffed animals, strollers, diapers, and more after they step off the train.

ABC reports that the number of spare carriers and strollers from Polish mothers have been particularly inspiring, with many donators leaving handwritten notes behind, with words of support.

“We see on the television and hear on the radio what happened, and we say ‘okay we can help,’” one Polish mother and volunteer told ABC.

The effort has become more organized over the weeks, which CNN details has spread like wildfire mostly by word of mouth. The Medyka border crossing from Ukraine involves taking a train to Przemyśl Station, which has become the center of the relief effort.

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The rooms of the train station are now being transformed from waiting rooms into warehouses, for food, diapers, and clothes.

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Beyond the station, people from across Europe have been seen waiting in cars offering to drive incoming refugees to wherever they have relations, or a place to stay.

(WATCH the GMA video for this story below.)

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