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Boris Johnson Needs To Stop Funding Putin’s War

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Net Zero Watch has called on Boris Johnson to stop all Russian gas imports and follow through on his statement to Parliament yesterday that the UK should use domestic hydrocarbons “rather than pointlessly importing them from abroad.” [bold, links added]

According to the latest data published yesterday by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) the UK has imported 107,529 GWh of Russian LNG in the last 5 years (2017-2021).

At four pence per kWh – that gas has a value of £2.95bn. In other words, Britain has been funding Putin’s war machine to the tune of £14 million per week.

As analysts predict that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine risks driving up household energy bills to more than £3,000 per year, pushing millions of families into fuel poverty and threatening tens of thousands of businesses, the government’s reluctance to use all available means to alleviate the growing cost burden is effectively adding to the economic and geopolitical crisis.

Net Zero Watch director, Dr. Benny Peiser said:

“There is a global LNG market now and no need to import any Russian gas whatsoever. The government should stop all Russian gas imports with immediate effect as LNG is available from other parts of the world.”

One of the most effective responses to Russia’s war efforts (in addition to sanctions, asset seizures, and travel restrictions for Putin’s London-based oligarchs and their families) is for the UK to revitalize North sea exploration for oil and gas and finally kick-start a shale gas revolution to enhance Britain’s energy supply and national security.

Dr. Peiser added:

“The government’s suppression of North Sea exploration and failure to develop the UK’s enormous shale gas wealth has been incentivizing Putin’s energy wars and has become a major disaster for national security.

Unless Boris Johnson stops Russian gas imports and puts domestic gas production first, the UK will only help to prolong Putin’s war efforts.”

Net Zero Watch has published a new paper on how to restart Britain’s shale gas exploration

Tim Worstall: Restarting UK Shale Gas (pdf)

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