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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: February 2022

Supreme Court Considers Limiting E.P.A.’s Ability to Address Climate Change

WASHINGTON — Members of the Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Monday questioned the scope of the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, suggesting that the court could deal a sharp blow to the Biden administration’s…

Donald Trump Says Global Warming Is Good Because It Means More “Seafront Property” – Futurism

Try thinking that through for literally one second. Fake News Renowned scientist and former government employee Donald Trump took the stage at right-wing cringe festival the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday — where he made some eyebrow-raising comments on…

Be Afraid! Melting Ice Has Caused A One-Inch Sea-Level Rise In The Last 100 Years

For the past hundred years, the public has been warned of an existential threat that the Arctic ice would soon be gone and coastal cities would be devastated. [bold, links added] This is from 1922 in the Washington Post by…

WH Spokes-Lackey Propagandizes Ukraine Crisis To Push Green Energy

The White House has pushed the so-called green transition in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, arguing it proves global oil market dependence is unstable. [bold, links added] President Joe Biden believes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proves that the…

We Can Now Use CRISPR Gene Editing on Ticks – to Fight Lyme Disease in Humans

Reducing tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, may now be possible thanks to two new gene editing methods developed by researchers. The methods could allow scientists to alter parts of the tick genome that are involved in harboring and transmitting pathogens. “In the United States, alone, ticks infect approximately 300,000 people with Lyme disease each […]

The post We Can Now Use CRISPR Gene Editing on Ticks – to Fight Lyme Disease in Humans appeared first on Good News Network.

‘Delay is Death,’ said UN Chief António Guterres of the New IPCC Report Showing Climate Impacts Are Outpacing Adaptation Efforts – InsideClimate News

Today’s report on climate impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was finalized just as Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian scientists at the online approval session Sunday apologized for their country’s invasion, while the war drew Ukrainian…

5 Takeaways From the U.N. Report on Climate Hazards

A body of experts convened by the United Nations has put out its most comprehensive look to date at how climate change is affecting our homes, health, livelihoods and infrastructure, as well as the natural systems upon which they all…

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