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Latest Hurricane Scare Story From The BBC’s Climate Doomsters

typhoon pacific

The following is excerpted from Paul Homewood’s excellent weekly roundup of the climate scaremongers. –CCD Ed.

You may have read reports recently that the range of hurricanes is going to expand into temperate latitudes, and affect cities such as New York, Boston, and Tokyo.

All, of course, because of global warming.

The projections come from the latest piece of junk science and were faithfully trumpeted by the BBC as if they were fact, in an article titled Climate change: Hurricanes to expand into more populated regions.

The absurd Matt McGrath, the BBC’s Environment Correspondent, wrote:

‘Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making millions more people vulnerable to these devastating storms, a new study says. At present, these cyclones – or hurricanes as they are also known – are mainly confined to the tropical regions north and south of the equator.

‘But researchers say that rising temperatures will allow these weather events to form in the mid-latitudes. This area includes cities such as New York, Beijing, Boston and Tokyo.’

It does not seem to have occurred to the clueless McGrath that hurricanes have always hit these places.

In the US for instance, between 1950 and 1991 a total of nine hurricanes hit the coast in New York State or further north.

Since 1991, only one has made landfall there – Sandy in 2012, which most hurricane experts now say was not even a hurricane at landfall. In other words, there are many fewer hurricanes there than in the past.

The story is similar in Japan, where the Japanese Meteorological Agency tells us that three hurricanes hit the mainland each year on average and that the numbers are not increasing. (Strictly speaking, ‘hurricanes’ are named ‘typhoons’ in the western Pacific).

hurricane strike map

US National Climatic Data Center

As is usually the case, the BBC failed to challenge this study, provide readers with the facts, or ask hurricane experts for their opinions instead of taking the word of a computer modeler.

Junk studies like this one are unfortunately all too common in climate ‘science’. They feed off the billions available each year in research grants and are designed to garner headlines to scare the children.

After all, when do you ever see a BBC headline that says ‘Hurricanes becoming less common, new study finds’?

Almost as warm as 1733!

The climate crisis is upon us, as the latest figures from the Met Office confirm. According to the long-running, high-quality Central England Temperature series, last year was so warm in England that temperatures almost reached 1733 levels!

UK Met Office

Indeed there were six years in the 18th and 19th centuries that were warmer than last year:







More significantly, however, there has been no increase in average temperatures for the best part of two decades, following a rise in the 1990s.

The data suggests that temperatures have stabilized at this new level and that projections of a hotter climate in the future are without foundation.

The data also clearly shows that our weather nowadays is [not much] different from that experienced by our forefathers.

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