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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Maybe we could get GOP to see that global warming is bad for the bottom line – The Boston Globe

I was depressed to read that the percentage of Republicans who believe that climate change is a serious problem has fallen by 10 points since 2014 (“The strong winds of climate change have failed to move the opinions of many Americans,”, Nov. 12). One of the quotes from those surveyed in the Washington Post-ABC News poll — a Republican from Central Texas — stands out: “I think what we’re experiencing right now is a fluctuation. . . . It’s like the stock exchange. It will go up, it will go up and go down and then it will go stable.”

Well, sure, it is like the stock exchange, in a way. Investors should beware of financial advisers who have an interest in deceiving them.


Similarly, fossil fuel companies have known for decades that we must switch to renewable energy quickly or face climate catastrophe. To protect their stock, they have sown disinformation, such as the idea that the warming temperatures we’re seeing now are just natural fluctuation. The scientific evidence is clear that that’s not the case.

Republicans need to step out of the foggy disinformation zone created by fossil fuel companies to see that runaway climate change is not good for business. Otherwise, the only thing continuing to go up will be the temperature.

Mary Memmott



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