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Israeli startup develops innovative tech to combat global warming – The Jerusalem Post

Israeli startup NAM Technology has developed a new heating and cooling system that will save up to 40% of electricity consumption and reduce pollution emissions.
The new system, called Ecokor, is designed to make cooling and heating in the food, pharmaceuticals and agriculture industries as energy-efficient as possible.
Ecokor increases the cooling output of cooling systems on which its installed while using the same amount of power consumption. It is set to be used on cooling systems in factories and warehouses.

The system can also be installed on portable refrigeration units, such as trucks and containers used for transporting food, thus reducing fuel consumption of vehicles.
NAM Technology estimates that Ecokor will help strengthen food security in areas where residents are suffering from harsh climate conditions or poor electricity infrastructure.

 The transportable Ecokor system developed by NAM Technology (credit: NAM Technology) The transportable Ecokor system developed by NAM Technology (credit: NAM Technology)

“The system we have developed reduces the energy consumed in the cooling process in an efficient, cost-effective manner,” said Andrei Dobkin, CEO and founder of NAM Technology.
“Less energy consumed means fewer pollution emissions, which alongside the enviromental contribution, will significantly reduce electricity costs for users of the product.”


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