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UN Dy Chief urges leaders to keep their promise of limiting global warming, climate change – Republic World

New climate action, according to United Nations’ Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, can be the catalyst for a green and equitable future for all, while urging people worldwide to demand that leaders keep their promise to limit global warming. Amina Mohammed stressed the importance of increased funding and commitment, as well as solidarity, ahead of the COP26 UN climate conference, which concludes this weekend in Glasgow, Scotland, according to a press release issued by the UN. 

She said, “Climate change doesn’t pause, and neither must we,” at the TED Countdown Summit in her recently live-streamed TED Talk, which was held in nearby Edinburgh and was live-streamed globally.

Mohammed, a Nigerian, recalled her childhood walks along the shores of Lake Chad, Africa’s largest lake, which supports the livelihoods of 30 million people in four countries. She used to think of the lake as an ocean because it seemed to go on forever. It is now a sliver of its former self. “Ninety per cent of this fresh-water basin has dried up – and with it – millions and millions of livelihoods: farmers, fisherfolk and our market-women”, she said. “Climate change takes yet another victim,” she stated. The damage caused by the Harmattan, which used to be just a three-month season of dust and wind, has exacerbated the loss, she added.

‘The world is on the verge of disaster,’ says UN Deputy chief

Dust storms are becoming more frequent and larger each year. With job losses, hunger, and displacement, the human and ecological consequences have been devastating. This has created fertile ground for extremism to take root, wreaking havoc on peace, as Mohammed described it as a “perfect storm” of crushing poverty and violence. According to her, unfortunately, no matter where you land on the planet, you’ll hear more tragic stories of climate devastation. Drought, floods, and wildfires have put lives and livelihoods in jeopardy, and the world is on the verge of disaster. Despite the mounting climate crisis, the UN deputy chief still has faith in humans and their unwavering will to survive in the face of adversity. This spirit inspired countries to sign the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, she noted.

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