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LETTER: Global warming conference attendees fly in on private jets – Las Vegas Review-Journal

I give great credit to Joanne Leovy for her Saturday letter on global warming. She made a great effort to state her opinion. That’s it.

At the most recent climate change summit attended by representatives from around the world, more than 400 private jets were used for travel to and from the summit. If these attendees are so concerned about this climate change deal, why didn’t they use commercial aircraft? There are many, many airlines that service Glasgow. Why not use Zoom to conduct their business, as these climate experts want the average world citizen to do?

Equally concerning is the world’s largest polluters were not in attendance. There must be a reason. Maybe they don’t want to destroy their economies and make the little people reduce their living standards. This is my point. The wealthy and powerful expect average citizens to reduce their quality of life while they continue with their high standard of living, not making the same sacrifices we, the little people, are expected to make.

Remember all those elites caught not wearing masks? Or those getting in automobile accidents while driving gasoline-powered vehicles (Gov Steve Sisolak). It’s called, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

These government-funded agencies will come up with the expected narrative. A fact. Without government funding, they have no jobs. And regardless of the selected narrative, the wealthy and powerful will live their lives as they see fit.


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