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Fight global warming with governmental-level changes | Letters To The Editor | – Mankato Free Press

Current global warming is about 1.26 Celsius above what it was in 1900 and we are on track to rise well above 2 Celsius in the coming decades.

These numbers seem small but the Earth is already warmer than it has been in the last 125,000 years, the beginning of the last ice age. The temperatures we have produced have baked in effects beyond that ice age; think no more glaciers, flooded coastlines and increasingly erratic/deadly weather.

This is a massive global problem that threatens not only our comfort but potentially our existence as a species. It’s important to act now as we are beginning to see the emergence of feedback loops like the melting of tundra and the burning of our boreal forests, which will eventually move the problem beyond our capacity to solve it.

What can be done? We all must change how we get energy. We need massive community support for solar, wind, nuclear (fission and fusion), geothermal and hydroelectric sources of energy and we need to do it now. We have very little time before the current feedback loops move beyond our control.

We can do this. We must use our remaining fossil fuel resources to create non-polluting energy sources in the next 10 years.

It will be difficult and take courage to divest fully from fossil fuels but it must be done. The fossil fuel industry will not go quietly, but future generations will not forgive us for wasting this time if we do not act now.

Certainly, individual change is important, but what is vital is governmental level changes, and we must demand those now.

Kevin Haggerty



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