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Letter: Global warming, rising seas and asphalt – Concord Monitor

Published: 11/7/2021 7:02:03 AM

On November 3rd there was a news piece on Good Morning America about the fact that New York City was building a wall, a couple of miles long, around the southern end of Manhattan to fight off rising sea levels. In this timeframe there was also that meeting overseas about global warming, that biggie that President Biden attended and spoke at, so, for sure, global warming is in the conversation today. What’s not in that conversation is the word asphalt. Indeed, that black thingy that we all drive and walk on.

Back in the 1980s right here in good old Concord they built a separate storm water drain system because the volume of storm water was overwhelming the sewage treatment plant on Hall Street. They wanted to have a totally separate system to deal with that which flows down the street when it rains. What they did was dig up the entire city and installed a totally separate drain system for rainwater that shunted it straight to the Merrimack River, dog poop and all, and on to the nearest ocean. There are multiple sites around the world that are currently threatened by rising seas. Yes, global warming is an issue but the issue of the rising sea has one contributing piece that can be addressed now and the authorities will not listen. Asphalt is part of the problem and we need to find ways to allow rainwater to seep into the ground rather than speed it towards the nearest ocean.

Denis J. O’Connell



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