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Letter: Easy to see some of the causes of global warming – Tulsa World


With so many ideas being touted as to how we should handle global warming, it seems there are some simpler ways that should be considered, too.

Five years ago, we traveled by car to California. It became shockingly obvious that tree removal in West Texas for farm land is contributing to drought spreading east. Traveling along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma, I also saw many fields where trees were removed.

In housing additions, especially new ones, homeowner association codes require roof material must be black or brown, and with these new housing additions in West Texas – at times 3,000 to 5,000 new homes – it is a sea of dark roofs.

In Southern California, we experienced parking areas that were cement blocks buried at surface level so parking could be allowed, but grass grew in the holes of the blocks. We are covering too much of the earth in material that does not let water soak in.

This summer I was sitting outside at Utica Square, where so many large SUVs were left running while parked as parents picked up their children. The air around me became so warm I had to leave.

Surely we also know that complete dependence on electricity is not practical with outages due to snow storms, and the fact that electricity does not provide the warmth gas does.

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Scientists are studying a unique frozen archive of Greenland’s ice sheet, searching for clues to Earth’s past and our planet’s warmer future, as a result of temperature-rising climate change.


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