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COP26 – A Perfect Storm Of Stupid

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…COP26 has begun in Glasgow, Scotland, as it will surely go on for the next fortnight: in chaos and disaster.

Just like the infamous COP15 in 2009 in Copenhagen, which preached ‘global warming’ but was blanketed in snow, COP26 is a perfect storm of stupid.

Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, starting with the celebrity guest list: of the world’s leaders, just about the only one of any significance to bother turning up is President Joe Biden (who arrives in rainswept Glasgow on Monday); President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia and President Bolsonaro of Brazil have all apparently decided that for the duration of this particular fortnight they have more urgent business washing their hair.

Normally at this point, desperate UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has staked his reputation on the summit’s success, could have played his trump card: the Queen.

Unfortunately, the Queen is indisposed. Now 95 and recently widowed, the normally indefatigable monarch is ill and has been advised by her doctors to rest.

Which leaves, as a consolation prize, her eldest son the Prince of Wales to do the honors. But Prince Charles has not nearly the same cachet, authority, or prestige as the Queen. In fact, he’s probably more of a liability.

Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, Prince Charles has bleated so often about the imminent threat of ‘climate change’ that hardly anyone takes his burblings seriously anymore.

Also, as a regular at Klaus ‘Anal’ Schwab’s World Economic Forum, he has proved such a slavish advocate of the Build Back Better globalist agenda that it is not at all obvious that he even speaks for his future ‘subjects’ anymore.

Nor is the political leader of the host country Scotland likely to be of much help to Johnson. Nicola ‘Krankie Woman’ Sturgeon heads a party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), bitterly at odds with Johnson’s Conservatives.

And because the host city, Glasgow, is controlled by the SNP, her party has the perfect opportunity to help sabotage the event.

A conveniently-timed strike by the city’s refuse workers has left Glasgow swarming with rats and stagnant with uncollected rubbish.

Cunningly, Glasgow’s SNP council leader has blamed this on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (who has been dead for eight years and never, even in life, had any say over Glasgow’s bin collections).

Local people are reportedly unimpressed by the political shenanigans staged in their midst. But then, COP26 was never meant for the proles; always, but always, COP events have been an expression of elite supremacy.

Over the next two weeks, fleets of private jets will be landing at Glasgow airport, met by fleets of limousines to carry the billionaire ‘elite’ and their political stooges to a cordoned off special zone where they will lecture the ordinary folk on how they must live in their new ‘sustainable’ future.

‘One rule for thee, another for me,’ is the globalist elite’s motto.

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