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Democrats Press Oil Executives to Stop Fighting Climate Action

“So I want to ask each of the witnesses here today representing fossil fuel companies and trade associations to take a simple pledge. I want each of you to affirm that your organization will no longer spend any money, either directly or indirectly, to oppose efforts to reduce emissions and address climate change. Ms. Watkins, will you take that pledge on behalf of Shell?” “Chairwoman Maloney, we spend a lot of money in lobbying for climate policy right now, and I can pledge —” “Will you take that pledge? Yes or no? If you just want a filibuster, I’ll take it as a no. Yes or no, will you take that pledge that you will stop spending money with dishonest —” “I will pledge that we will continue to spend our money on climate advocacy, climate policy advocacy, as we have for many years now.” “We have stopped all reputational advertising at BP.” “Will you take the pledge? I know that you’ve taken steps in the right direction. I heard that in your testimony. Thank you. Will you take the pledge? Yes or no?” ”Well, for your specific pledge, what we’re pledging to do is advocate for low carbon policies that do, in fact, take the company and the world to net zero.” “I don’t believe you purposely want to be out there spreading climate disinformation, but you’re funding these groups, and they’re really having an impact. You know, they’re spending millions of dollars in Congress to kill electric vehicles, and they’re spending millions of dollars against the methane gas. And you could do something here. You could tell them to knock it off for the sake of the planet. You could end it. You could end that lobbying. Would any of you take the opportunity to look at A.P.I. and say, ‘Stop it’? Any of you?”

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