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Australia at COP26 diary

Design for a Billboard at COP26 Glasgow
crowdfunded by Dan Ilic

UN climate conference, the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) is ocurring in Glasgow from Monday November 1 to Friday November 12, 2021 (but may also go overtime into the weekend). This is my digital diary of Australia at COP26. I may not be able to be present in Glasgow but I can still follow whats going on.

26 October – Scott Morrison formerly announces Australia’s net zero by 2050 target

Australia taking a technology not taxes meet and cheat projection to Glasgow, which is another way of climate delay and denial while expanding fossil fuel production

“You will be supported by our data projection that will see us exceed our 2030 target with emissions reduction of up to 35% by 2030. We will keep our commitment, though, when it comes to our pledge that we made, and took to the last election of 26 to 28%, but we will meet it, and we will beat it. And we’ll beat it with emissions reductions we believe about the 35%.” said Morrison. Yeah the work of all the states will see Australia achieve 37-42% emissions reduction. Federal Government doing SFA according to modelling on 2030 climate targets.

“This is the right plan for Australia – to summarise the outcome from it, which we’ll see in the plan, Australians $2,000 better off on average in 2050 compared with no Australian action.” says Angus Taylor. mmm Acting fast with renewables with strong 2030 targets showed citizens would be $5000 better off according to Business Council of Australia report. Guardian Australia Politics Live.

See Blog: Morrison Net Zero 2050 Plan a fraud, with plans to double coal exports, new gas expansion

26 October – UK PM Boris Johnson hails Morrison’s 2050 net zero policy as ‘heroic’

“Australia’s new formal pledge to cut emissions to net zero by 2050 is “heroic” and should be applauded, Boris Johnson has said, while also warning next week’s Glasgow climate talks are at risk of failure.” reports the Age. The master of UK Buffoonery congratulating the master of Aussie spin marketing.
Johnson did not raise Australia’s unwillingness to boost its 2030 target. Previously, COP26 president Alok Sharma said that Britain wanted Australia to pursue a 45 to 50 per cent cut (5 October report)

26 October: An Australian climate billboard banned in Glasgow

Organised by Dan Ilic and shown in Times Square, the Apology from Australia billboard has been banned from display in Glasgow. The billboard was designed by a major #JokeKeepr donor said Dan Ilic. “Bullsh**ng is fine in Time Square..but not Glasgow.” said Dan on Twitter. Dan put out a call to raise $12,500 for one billboard to be shown over the 2 weeks of COP26 in Glasgow. His crowdfunding raised Au$216,340  from 2,519 backers. 
(Disclosure – I contributed to this crowdfunding and will receive one box of Who Gives a Crap climate emergency toilet paper)

25 October: Australian Government representation at COP26

James Larsen, the climate coordinator in PMC confirmed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had indicated he would go to Glasgow COP26 climate conference on 15 October, the last day for registration. Energy Minister Angus Taylor is also confirmed. Warren Entsch also confirmed. Source.
“PMC officials have revealed Morrison is bringing 10 personal staff to Glasgow including senior advisers, advancers and his photographer. A further 17 from PMC and DFAT.” advises Paul Karp (Guardian reporter) on twitter.

25 October: Australia’s 2030 Emissions Reduction target not changing

Senate estimate questioning of a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy on 25 October reveals Australia’s 2030 target not being updated. See Blog post Explainer Australia’s 2030 climate targets for COP26 

25 October: Energy and Emissions Reduction minister refusing release of Net Zero 2050 Modelling

Senate Estimates were told that Angus Taylor would not comply with the senate order to release the Net Zero by 2050 modelling because releasing the document would not be in the public interest and would undermine the “concept of responsible government”. Source

22 October: Production Gap Report released, Greenpeace Unearthed reveals 

The 2021 Production gap report had a scathing assessment and profile of Australia. “Australian government projects increases in coal, oil, and gas production of 4%, 32%, and 12%, respectively, from fiscal year 2019 to 2030 (Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, 2020a).”

A Report by Greenpeace reveals Australian government senior officials contesting statements in the draft IPCC Working Group III report on climate mitigation, on phaseout of coal and gas, and the extent of fossil fuel lobbying of the Australian government. See Blog Post: Australia’s Technology not taxes Meet and Cheat Strategy for #COP26 while increasing fossil fuel production.

20 October: Australian NGOs publish Fairer Futures report on climate finance

Australian NGOs published the Fairer Futures: Financing Global Climate Solutions report. This report called for the Scaling up Australia’s contributions to global climate finance in three stages to 2030: including Immediately double Australia’s current climate finance to $3 billion over 2020-2025; by 2023, shape regional and global climate responses by committing an additional $700 – $990 million to the Green Climate Fund; by 2030, scale up Australia’s climate finance to meet its fair share of $12 billion annually. Read Climate Action Moreland Blog, September post on OECD assessment of climate Finance commitment.

14 October: satirical Australian climate Billboards go live in Time Square

Dan Ilic launches a crowd funding campaign to raise $12,500.00 to place three satirical billboards around Glasgow during the two weeks of COP26. His Indiegogo page is inundated with contributions.  Dan buys 10 minutes of time on the godzilla digital billboard in Times Square for 14 October. Just hours later Prime Minister Scott Morrison commits to going to COP26. Conincidence? maybe. A Rational Fear on Patreon. Ketan Joshi has done a projection of Australia’s current rate of emissions reduction… to meet net zero by 2303!!! Tweet

September 17: Major Economies Forum – Global Methane Pledge

Prime Minister Scott Morrison attends MEF on zoom. Part of the discussion is on climate targets and also on  US/Europe initiative on Global Methane Pledge for a 30% reduction in methane by 2030 on current 2020 baseline to be launched at COP26. No record of Morrison participating on methane pledge. As at 24 October at least 35 nations have pledged including Saudi Arabia, Australia not among them. See Blog Post: Global Methane Pledge aims for 30 percent methane emissions cut from 2020 levels by 2030

August 9: IPCC 6th Assessment Report Working Group I on the Physical Science released

UN Secretary General calls this report Code Red for Humanity. It includes regional assessments: I detail the 2 page regional assessment of climate impacts for Australia and New Zealand. Read my review at this blog post: IPCC climate science report: code red for humanity says UN Secretary General


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