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White House Tries Linking Climate Change To Migration In New Report

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The Biden administration released an analysis on Thursday linking climate change to migration patterns, claiming it poses a national security challenge.

The climate migration report is the first of its kind and one of four developed by government agencies and the National Security Council to look at the effects of climate change on security.

The report will serve as the “foundation” for the federal government’s response.

“This assessment will mark the first time the U.S. government is officially recognizing and reporting on the linkage between climate change and migration,” a senior administration official said in a preview of the analysis.

The report, which outlined a number of considerations relating to climate change and migration rather than new scientific analysis, found climate change can drive resource scarcity and estimated that tens of millions of people will likely migrate over the next few decades “due in large measure to climate change impacts.”

“Surging irregular migration flows to the United States have increased domestic attention on the politics of immigration, and climate change has the potential to compound-related political and social challenges by causing additional displacement,” the report said, adding that climate change-related migration could cause instability among allies.

“As costs of migrating increase and high-income countries implement increasingly restrictive policies to deter migration, middle-income countries with fewer resources will become relatively more attractive alternative destinations,” the report said. “This has implications for political instability in a larger set of countries that may already be struggling to provide services to their citizens.”

The report comes as the Biden administration struggles with a major migration crisis at the southern border.

Extremely high and rising numbers of migrants, including more than 125,000 unaccompanied children, have been taken into custody while crossing the border during President Joe Biden’s tenure, a development that critics have said is the result of the administration’s policies.

Many more migrants have sneaked across the border without being apprehended.

The report was part of a larger set of analyses on climate and security released Thursday by the national security components of the government, including the Department of Defense’s Climate Risk Analysis evaluating climate change’s effect on military strategy.

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