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Letter: Writer’s global warming ‘experts’ are not credible – Standard-Examiner

I was particularly interested in the opinion (I won’t call it a theory because theories are based on observable evidence) advanced by Mr. Henry Cook regarding global warming, 10/6/21. He cited two “experts” as proof of his contention that global warming is a hoax. I have no knowledge of Cook’s expertise on the matter; however, looking into the backgrounds of his “experts” I found that they have no background in environmental studies what so ever. In fact his “expert” John Casey has been called a fraud by his peers as his theories in “Dark Winter” (pub 2014) have no basis in fact. Mr. Muruyama’s paper (which was never published in a peer review publication), “Approaching Crisis…”, (pub 2012) is similarly ill-equipped as his extensive publications on volcanoes and microscopic studies of earth’s mineral content but no published works on astrophysics, solar dynamics, or even studies on solar cycles. However, Cook chooses to ignore the overwhelming compendia of data published tens of thousands of recognized “experts” in the field of solar cycles, earth warming cycles, CO2 emissions, flora and fauna extinctions and the rate thereof. I can only assume that he must conclude that it is Soros or Biden, or even Face Book that is causing global warming because according to real scientists, sun cycles just ain’t it.

Bill Wade



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