Climate change: Opposition to legislation ‘mind-boggling’ – The Seattle Times

Two recent articles related to climate change reveal the stakes riding on passage of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill. The first article, “6 aspects of American life threatened by climate change” [Oct. 7, Environment], is a searing reveal of those six aspects that paints a picture of a very dystopian future in store for us all indeed.

The second article, “Major climate action at stake in fight over twin bills pending in Congress” [Oct. 10, Nation], reports on the politics currently inhibiting the passage of the bill that has the most significant action to be taken to curb global warming in U.S. history. With the stakes so high, it is mind-boggling that any member of Congress would oppose legislation critical to limit the consequences of global warming. In addition to creating widespread suffering, the price tag for doing nothing will be enormous — much greater than the $3.5 trillion attached to the bill.

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, convening in three weeks, without passage of the bill President Biden will lack standing to encourage global action on the climate. The passage of the Build Back Better bill is crucial for us to avert the most dire consequences of global warming.

Scott Patterson, Bothell


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