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LETTER: High school kids shouldn’t be scared of global warming – Las Vegas Review-Journal

What a shame that a high school girl, Amy Choi, is stressed out over climate change (Aug. 24 letter to the editor). She believes climate change will be “irreversible” by the time she graduates.

It’s admirable for any young person to be concerned about what is happening in our society and about events occurring on our planet. However, it is sad that, because of faulty science, left-wing agendas and fake news, a school-age girl is traumatized.

Ms. Choi needs to know that everyone now living — regardless of age — has not lived long enough to appreciate the cooling and warming cycles the Earth has experienced over the centuries that men have walked the planet. Banning plastic bags and following other failed policies that California has in place will make life in Nevada only as miserable as it is in what once was “The Golden State.”

Ms. Choi should take the advice of a guy who has lived here quite a few years longer than she has: Turn off CNN and NBC, read a good science textbook published before 1970 and enjoy the glorious activities a girl her age should be experiencing before she graduates.


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