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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global warming solutions that can save our planet – Krugersdorp News

Byline: Kate Golub

Humankind has to learn to use natural resources more efficiently. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest level possible will help humanity prevent great catastrophe in the future.

Countries have already felt the harmful influence of climate change: Drought, floods, hurricanes, and tornados – these natural phenomena often occur in areas you would least expect them to.

Prevention of global warming

Global warming is the gradual magnification of the mean annual temperature of both the atmosphere and surface area of Earth, including oceans.

Often, ‘greenhouse effect’ is used as a synonym for ‘global warming’. However, there is a slight difference between the two. The greenhouse effect is the warming within the Earth’s surface, lower atmosphere and oceans because of a big concentration of greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc).

At daytime, the sunlight penetrates through the atmosphere. Its warmth heats the surface. At night, the planet cools down, releasing the warmth, which is later accumulated in the upper levels of the atmosphere. This evaporation plays the role of a glass greenhouse.

What actions can prevent global heating?

  1. Be smart – drive less. Use alternative means of transportation, like bicycles. If you cannot imagine your life without a car, try to diminish the volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by your vehicle by ensuring its tyres are properly inflated.
  2. Save and safe. The consumption cycle is responsible for much of the global climate change: Large factories produce new clothes each day due to the high level of demand in the market. Wearing second-hand clothes, or keeping your clothes for longer, helps reduce the number of resources necessary for production. The less you buy, the more you do for the environment.
  3. Reuse, reduce and recycle. To help our planet ‘breathe’ more freely, buy products with minimal packaging. Learn to reuse plastic bottles as containers for plant growing. Small scraps of fabric can be turned into a beautiful blanket.
  4. Heat-wise houses. Make sure your house is insulated with special materials that keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.
  5. Save energy! Old bulbs need much energy to work properly. New-age technologies allow people to get the same results with less harm.
  6. Lower electricity consumption. Switch lights off when leaving a room. Switch all appliances off when not in use.
  7. The green lungs of the earth. Plant a tree or two. They produce oxygen and consume CO2.
  8. Think ‘green’ and share your story. Use social media to create awareness about enviro-friendly packaging, recycling and reusing.
  9. Alternative energy. Alternative energy resources like the wind and sun will not run out and have zero harmful emissions.
  10. Save water. Have short showers and fit water-wise showerheads.
  11. Support local food manufacturers. Instead of buying all your produce at a supermarket, support a local grower or manufacturer. Imagine how much good you can do through buying goods that does not need much transportation or packaging.
  12. Rethink your transportation. Planes are said to be the primary source of air pollution. Is train or bus transportation an option for you?

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