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Gerald Bonsack: Contributing to fighting global warming | Letters to the Editor | – La Crosse Tribune


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for fighting global warming.

My hat goes off to all of you folks willing to give the ultimate sacrifice in the war against global warming.

The statistical data from 2016 shows that the population of the top 20 nations has an average release of just under six tons of carbon dioxide per person, per year. That six tons is generated for food production, processing, transportation (both for products and personnel travel), heating/cooling and other personnel services and the list goes on.

Yes, I am talking to all non-vax and anti-mask people. For every one of you that pass on, that is six tons less carbon dioxide released annually. Even if you do not personally become a statistic, your “I’ll share it with others attitude” will ultimately find someone to take your spot.

In the beginning of COVID-19 it was us older folks, who then cherished a visit from the younger friends and relatives, that took its toll on us, both at home and in long term care facilities. Now for all of those Americans who have expired from COVID-19 through August 21, our US contribution towards global warming has been reduced by 623,985 X 6 tons = 3.74 million tons or 1.6 million vehicles annually.

In looking at one of Charles Darwin’s concepts, “Those individuals with heritable traits better suited to the environment will survive.”

So, thank you again for you’re the contributions against global warming. 

Gerald Bonsack


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