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News about Climate Change and our Planet


– Letter to the editor: For our survival, prioritize action on global warming –

For two decades, we’ve listened to politicians offering their thoughts and prayers to victims of tragic events, fixable events, which – by now – should be our No. 1 priority.

California is burning and there are terrible droughts in the Southwest. Hurricanes are getting bigger and stronger, as shown by Sandy, Katrina and now Ida, destroying cities from New Orleans to New York. And what are elected officials doing? They’re offering their thoughts and prayers.

Rainstorms that used to drop a half-inch are now dropping 8 to 10 inches. Our planet is in crisis, and Washington is talking about taking action in 2030? No! We need action now! Our planet, mankind, cannot survive if we don’t act now!

We’ve had the technology in place, for decades, to begin to address many current problems. Since 1912, electric car technology has been in place. We can begin to convert today’s vehicles to natural gas tomorrow.

Whenever a Republican president took office, they’d relax corporate emission regulations put in place by Democrats. That’s got to stop. We need both parties to address this crisis.

When COVID-19 first arrived on our shores, everything stopped. Los Angeles had the cleanest air in the world. You could actually see the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and air around the world improved. For one moment in time, our planet could breathe, and we could see it.

For too long, corporate profits were the priority, but now, if global warming isn’t No. 1, what will we be leaving our children and the generations to follow?

Doug Davis

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