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Readers’ Forum, Sept. 9, 2021: Climate warming not an emergency – Terre Haute Tribune Star

Climate warming not an emergency

A letter by Kevin Christ published in your Aug. 23 edition asserts that climate prediction models, which have been the basis for the Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria, “have been remarkably accurate.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Christ bases his statement on a 2019 Geophysical Research Letter article that he quotes as follows, “climate models published over the past five decades were generally quite accurate in predicting global warming in the years after publication.” Remarkably, Mr. Christ did not provide the whole quote. The rest of the very same sentence reads, “particularly when accounting for differences between modeled and actual changes in atmospheric CO2 and other climate drivers.”

In layman’s English this can be interpreted to say, “The modeling that has been done is not bad if you ignore the lousy inputs.”

It is also interesting that the analysis noted by Mr. Christ cherry-picked only 17 models for review out of the hundreds being used by the UN and available for review.

Although I’m tempted to respond to the childish verbiage indulged in by Mr. Christ when he states that my opinions are “scientifically uninformed and seem to be a manifestation of a complicated web of lies,” I won’t.

Instead, I will simply provide a clear science/data-based rebuttal to Mr. Christ based on a paper titled “Hot Summer Epic Fail: New Climate Models Exaggerate Mid-West Warming by a Factor of 6 Times.” This paper was authored by Dr. Roy Spencer, PhD, who was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and is now the Team Leader for the Advanced Scanning Radiometer flying in NASA’s Aqua Satellite. This paper can be seen by simply googling the title or going to

In the paper temperature observations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are graphically compared to the outputs of the latest climate prediction models being used by the UN/IPCC. The observed 50-year temperature trend is shown to be only 0.086C/decade while the average trend predicted by the latest IPCC iteration of models is 5.7 times larger. As noted in the title of the paper this represents an epic failure of the models.

How’s that, Mr. Christ, for a “complicated web of lies”?

The observed data displayed in this article should be of particular significance to the teenagers who addressed the City Council in that it specifically addresses the Midwest United States. Young people, please note, based on the observed trend of the past 50 years, the temperature in 2100 will be 0.7 degrees C greater than it is today.

Hardly an emergency.

— Thomas B. Tucker, Terre Haute

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