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French Beekeeper Invents a Trap to Take on ‘Murder Hornets’ Decimating Bee Populations in EU

A beekeeper was so devastated five years ago when all his bee hives were destroyed by Asian giant hornets, he vowed to figure out a solution to fight back.

By NUMBER7isBEST on Wikipedia, CC license

French beekeeper Denis Jaffré thought about it night and day, and finally came up with a trap that stops the invasive species, which has no natural predators in Europe where they have been terrorizing hives since arriving accidentally in a cargo shipment from China.

The trap Jaffré invented does no harm to bees.

It attracts insects with a sugary bait using a funnel, but the huge hornets can’t get out. Bees and European hornets can easily escape through tiny holes.

Reuters reports that the beekeeper won an inventor’s prize 3 years ago and is now manufacturing the traps using 3D printers and six employees, and is being flooded with orders.

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He hopes that governments will get involved so Europe can stop the spread of the so-called ‘murder hornets.’

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