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New York’s Mayor Outlines Rain-Preparedness Plan

Today, I’m announcing the N.Y.C. Climate Driven Rain Response. We have to handle this differently because we’ve now been shown an entirely different situation. It is climate driven and that’s crucial to put upfront. Because it’s not like the rain we used to know. It’s just not. It’s a different reality of speed and intensity that we now have to understand will be normal. Wednesday evening was the first time the National Weather Service in history, determined that there needed to be a flash flood emergency in New York City. Not the normal warnings we get, but on the Wednesday night, they said this is an entirely different thing. We need to answer that with the use of travel bans. Now, a travel ban is not something to do lightly. We’ve only done it a few times previously, particularly during massive snowstorms, blizzards. But unfortunately, what we learned on Wednesday night is a travel ban is the kind of tool we may need to use much more frequently, which would mean, for example, that that same morning or that day before, telling people there is a chance that a travel ban will be activated. And once it’s activated, people will have to leave the streets, get out of subways, et cetera, immediately. For folks in basement apartments and in some other areas of the city as well, if we are seeing this kind of rain, we have to have an evacuation mechanism that can reach them. And again, this is a very forceful measure. It’s not just saying to people, you have to get out of your apartment. It’s going door to door with our first responders, and other city agencies to get people out.

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