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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: September 2021

Hank Paulson: The World’s Biodiversity Is in Peril

Twin crises afflict the natural world. The first is climate change. Its causes and potentially catastrophic consequences are well known. The second crisis has received much less attention and is less understood but still requires urgent attention by global policymakers….

Reducing global warming: Could reflecting sunlight back into space work? – Deccan Herald

Imagine a scenario in the next 15 to 20 years where unprecedented heatwaves, droughts, floods and forest fires occur around the world along with extensive melting of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets leading the sea to rise, submerging many islands…

The Environment Affects Baseball. These Players Want to Help.

Flying all over North America every week is part of being a major leaguer. The Milwaukee Brewers, for instance, traveled as far away as San Diego and Miami as part of their 162-game regular season this year. Now multiply that…

Global Warming Alarmism Threatens Era of Energy Poverty – RealClearMarkets

X Story Stream recent articles British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call for aggressive action against a so-called climate crisis at the United Nations presages similar statements that surely will be made by the dangerously misinformed in the coming months and…

A dimming ‘earthshine’ adds to concern over global warming – Sustainability Times

Earth’s surface is reflecting less light per square meter than 20 years ago. Most of this “earthshine” loss is in the last three years. (photo: Flickr) The Earth has become less bright because of a drop in how much sunlight…

It’s a Myth That Adults Can’t Learn Languages as Easily as Kids – And the Benefits Multiply if Your Family Learns Together

Adults can learn a second language as fast as children, reports a new study—and it’s only the conditions in which a child learns a second language that’s given kids a reputation as such fast learners. This means that adults can develop the increased neural connections typical of bilingual individuals that can, by themselves, stave off […]

The post It’s a Myth That Adults Can’t Learn Languages as Easily as Kids – And the Benefits Multiply if Your Family Learns Together appeared first on Good News Network.

Here Are Manchin’s Demands For Democrats’ Climate Spending Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin, a key centrist whose approval is required to pass the party’s massive social and climate spending package, has indicated in writing to party leaders what his demands are on energy policy. Manchin proposed a deal to Senate…

It’s Not About the ‘Climate,’ Stupid

A series of interrelationships exist in the world of the Klimate Kult believers that needs to be understood to grasp what is going on and the impact it has on the future. These relationships aren’t about the climate. Look at…

Delayed global warming could reduce human exposure to cyclones –

NEWS AND VIEWS 30 September 2021 Rising temperatures are expected to increase the number of people exposed to tropical cyclones, but timing might prove crucial to the success of mitigation strategies. Abigail Klopper Abigail Klopper It’s clear that the devastation…

Joe Biden’s Self-Inflicted Energy Price Shock

Crude prices hit $80 a barrel on Tuesday, and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) warned oil could skyrocket without increased investment in new production. So much for the claim that the death of fossil fuels is nigh….

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