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Esparza: Recent heat wave, Hurricane Ida are reminders that global warming is real –

Since being back in in-person classes and with masks, we have been unfortunately struck with this terrible humidity. The past two weeks have been rough having to be on campus, especially because it is vital that we wear masks on campus.

This humidity has made it difficult for anybody to focus on anything besides the excessive humidity we have been experiencing.

Personally, I have had a tough time focusing in class because all I can really think about is the amount of sweat this humidity is causing. It is difficult to stay engaged in class when the humidity takes a toll on your own body.

This humidity is one of the many signs that global warming is occurring all around us. Therefore, I find it crazy that people do not believe that global warming is occurring at such a rapid rate.

If people do not believe that this wild humidity is not caused by global warming, then please reflect on the gallons of sweat I produced over the course of these hot days.

When the temperature says it is 90 degrees and it feels like 109 degrees, that is when you know something is irregular.

For someone who dreads winter these hot and humid days have me thinking about those frigid days often. This terrible humidity makes it difficult to focus on anything besides the sweltering heat.

Global warming is a direct effect of what humans do to the Earth. So, it is important that we all acknowledge this ongoing issue and work together to slow down the negative effects that are already occurring.

Speaking of climate change, Hurricane Ida is currently hitting Louisiana at a rapid rate. This hurricane is so ferrous and exemplifies that this excessive heat occurring everywhere is a direct effect of climate change.

The excessive heat in the west causes these terrifying storms to brew and makes the effects of the storms even harsher. Scientists have been keeping an eye on the heat and knew that this massive storm was forming.

As the sea temperatures rise, it makes it even easier for these storms to brew. Hurricanes are attracted to the warm water, and it helps to build even more of a dangerous hurricane.

It is important to note that the very warm waters help to brew a scary hurricane.

According to the Washington Post, “human greenhouse gas emissions have caused the ocean to warm faster in recent years than at any point since the end of the last ice age.” This statement proves that climate change is occurring at a rapid rate and we humans are a huge part of why this is happening.

As a young person, it is important for me to be an advocate for global warming. I feel this way because the effects of global warming will be life-changing and not in a positive way.

It is important to acknowledge that this is occurring at such a fast rate and realize that we as humans need to do something about global warming before it becomes too late.

Global warming is an ongoing issue that will not stop unless we as humans do a better job at taking care of this planet.

Illinois State University, as a campus, should acknowledge the effects of global warming and understand that we are a huge part of why global warming is occurring all around us.

We must put a stop to global warming because we are at the point where detrimental effects are happening directly to us. We thrive in a world with normal seasons throughout the year not in a world with disgusting humidity and cruel weather.

Let us all hope that Hurricane Ida passes with minimal damage, the humidity drops and classes with masks get easier as fall is right around the corner.


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