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Opinion: Glacier raises questions about global warming – Northside Sun

Earlier this summer my wife and I visited several delightful locations along the coast of Maine. Yes, we gobbled lots of lobster! But we also experienced some wonderful sights. One example was on a hill about 300 ft. above a town–Stonington– where there is a disused granite quarry with a short path leading to an overlook. Along this path we encountered a sign beside a bare rock which stated:

 “Look for glacial striations and polished rock on the exposed ledge. Until about 16,000 years ago this hill was covered by up to a mile of ice in the continental ice sheet. The ice flowed from Canada, down across Maine, and out into the Gulf of Maine to the edge of the continental shelf. As ice pushed up this side of the hill it scratched and polished the granite.”

Now I am about to make another trip. My wife is making me go on a fishing trip to Homer, Alaska. (Anything to please her!)  Homer is the self-proclaimed halibut capital of the world. One outstanding feature of this town is that it boasts a spit that extends almost five miles into nearby Kachemack Bay. It contains a large harbor of pleasure and fishing charter boats. Many shops and restaurants on stilts line a boardwalk. Someone has said it is a mini Key West. The Salty Dog Saloon looks as if it is converted from a small lighthouse. It’s walls are plastered with dollar bills. I’m sure the waitress would frown if I paid my bill with paper money. Regarding the history of the spit the visitor guide for Homer says:

“The prevalent theory for the Spit’s origin is that it is the remains of an ancient glacial moraine, constantly reshaped by ocean currents. Two archeological finds, one near the base and one about three-fourths of the way out, reveal that the Spit was used by humans long before written history. Fire-cracked rocks and shells indicate that people gathered clams and mussels here, cooking them over open fires.”

The huge glacier that gouged out what is now Kachemack Bay has subsequently retreated many miles to distant mountains. 

Both these locations, one in the northeast and the other in the far northwest, along with many, many more in the northern part of the country are proof of the last ice age. As a recent writer in The Northside Sun pointed out, there have been several ice ages in the earth’s long history. This is the science. Few thinking people would dispute those facts. The question is–will we follow the science? So if we acknowledge the existence of those massive amounts of ice covering the northern part of this country in the distant past, we must ask what caused the melting of that ice, and what caused the polar ice cap to retreat to its present position in the Arctic about 3,000 miles to the north?  Did mankind’s use of fossil fuels 10,000 years ago cause that warming? The answer is a resounding NO! Did the retreat only occur in the last century? Again–NO!

Yet we are now spending our grandchildren’s money on trying to implement the Green New Deal (GND) which aims, among other things, to phase out all gasoline powered vehicles by the year 2040. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a principal proponent of this deal, has given the alarmist prediction that “the world is going to end in 10 years if we do not address climate change.” (Reminds me of Al Gore’s 2006 prediction: We have just “ten years to avoid a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tailspin.” Well ten years has long since come and gone and we are still here!) Some of us are old enough to remember that in the 1970s news articles were calling the decline in temperatures in that decade (yes, they went down then)  the prelude to the next glacial age. Again the prediction was that the world was coming to an end.  Beware of climate alarmism!

It is true that this year we are experiencing very hot, dry conditions in the far west. Every year we have fires, but these are much more widespread than usual. This year’s forest fires have spread haze all the way across the country as far as the east coast. So the question arises: why are we imposing such strict restrictions on auto pollution when Mother Nature produces overwhelmingly large amounts herself? From time to time she also allows volcanoes to spew out vast quantities of pollutants. One in Iceland a few years ago sent smoke over much of northern Europe. Air travel was dramatically affected. 

 In the latest travesty the White House has asked OPEC to increase oil production in an effort to lower our domestic oil and escalating gasoline prices. How will that reduce global warming? (Emphasis here on “global.”) Here in the USA we are restricting petroleum production to please the proponents of the GND. This latest plea to OPEC gives the appearance of working in step with that ideology. We mustn’t destroy the planet you know! But let’s not be swayed by the politics of fear. Instead let us follow the science. Climate change needs to be examined from the perspective of many thousands of years, not simply centuries or decades.

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