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Views of global warming not so different | Opinion | – Indiana Gazette

Some, with an alarmist global warming proclivity, talk of errant and wrongheaded human behavior as being responsible for the melting of the polar ice caps with predictions of future massive flooding, resulting in the possible near extinction of mankind.

Others, with a penchant for scripture and all things Biblical, tell of past errant and wrongheaded human behavior which led to massive flooding and the near extinction of mankind.

As the Earth is a closed system, it’s sure to follow that the waters that purportedly flooded the earth years ago, as portrayed in the Biblical account, are the exact same waters, drop for drop, that the global warming crowd fears today.

And the menacing nature of the waters as predicted by today’s alarmists is triggered for the same reasons as were yesteryears waters i.e., poor human choices.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why one camp tends to vehemently dismiss the other when, for all intents and purposes, they are saying the same thing.

And who knows what pre-Noah viruses or deranged DNA, long held dormant in layers of polar ice, are yet to visit us as they drip out to reveal the unhealthy and revolting tendencies long ago alluded to in the Bible.

Are the two camps so blind as to not notice they are in fact telling one another’s story?

Could it be that the radical liberal penchant for burning our national history, gender-lines, cities and family values, causes flooding as much as the burning of fossil fuels?

To rush to dismiss one set of poor human choices and behavior, while validating another set of poor human choices and behavior, particularly when both sets allude to the exact same disappointing water drenched result, is itself disappointing.

Whether one pooh-poohs scripture as being the word of God, or whether one pooh-poohs climate change declarations as an exercise in alarmism, it seems to me that both can learn much from the other if only their closed minds would open a bit.

Perhaps the Biblical account, though written in past tense allegory, was intended as futuristic prophecy.

Patrick McElhoes



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