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Sky News: Climate Change Could Make Penises Smaller…

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Climate change could make penises smaller but it’s OK because you too can learn to live with a smaller penis.

Welcome to the world according to Sky News.

The channel was bad enough when it was semi-owned by Rupert Murdoch (and used by his children to advance their politically correct agenda).

But ever since being taken over by the hard-left Comcast news organization it has plumbed ever-greater depths of woke inanity.

Here is the story being promoted via its Twitter channel:

‘Climate change IS going to affect your sex life. Here is how…’ begins presenter Amy Cotterill on the Sky News Daily Climate Show.

Then the message flashes up on the screen:

  1. Penises will be smaller

But this claim turns out to be a distortion of the facts. It’s not ‘climate change’ that will make penises smaller but plastic pollution – which may indeed be a problem but has nothing whatsoever to do with climate.

This becomes clearer in Cotterill’s subsequent explanation:

Firstly there’s the small matter – literally – of pollution changing our bodies. In fact boys are being born with smaller penises. It’s all because of the chemicals used in manufacturing plastic.

An expert is then wheeled on to support this point:

Chemicals like phthalates or pesticides severely harm the development of the baby.

Cotterill elaborates:

When foetuses are exposed to these chemicals in the womb, it can lead to malformed genitals.

So in the space of thirty seconds, we have gone from the dramatic headline story that ‘climate change will affect your sex life’ because ‘penises will be smaller’ to the rather more humdrum reality: pesticides and other pollutants may cause malformed genitals.

Then from this essentially fake news crisis story, Sky News effortlessly segues into an interview with its resident sex ‘expert’ who has the perfect solution to this invented problem: ignore it.

‘Sex Educator’ Jimanekia Eborn explains:

If we are able to have actual conversations normalising multiple types of bodies and being, like, ‘Oh, yeah, you have a different-sized penis, cool!’  There are certain positions, there are certain assist things that can also help.’

This is our mainstream news media in 2021. Is it any wonder the world has lost touch with reality?

Image by Ryan McGuire via Pixabay

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