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MSNBC Wails: Return of Cruise Industry = Latest ‘Climate Crisis’

msnbc cruise industry

On Wednesday, MSNBC freaked out over the global cruise ship industry attempting to return to business after being largely shut down during the pandemic.

The reason for the left-wing cable channel’s fear? That boats full of tourists represented the latest “climate crisis,” akin to massive wildfires or deadly floods.

“Also, climate crisis after climate crisis. Fires growing in California, smoke reaching the east coast, deadly floods in China, and now, a new fear in Florida,” fill-in anchor Chris Jansing ominously warned at the top of the 11:00 a.m. ET hour.

She then specifically attacked the state’s Republican governor backing the return of cruise ships:

“People in Key West saw the water become even more clear blue during the pandemic, but on the order of Governor Ron DeSantis, cruise ships and their pollution are making a comeback, despite the local government’s best attempts to stop them.”

Later on the show, Jansing touted the supposed environmental benefits of the COVID pandemic that has killed millions:

Meanwhile, this morning, climate conditions in polluted places that actually improved during the pandemic are now at risk of reversing course.

Just take a look at these pictures out of Venice, Italy from the European Space Agency. It shows the popular tourist canals, first in 2019 and then in 2020. In the picture on top, you can see fewer boats, cleaner waters. In fact, waterways around the world became clearer and cleaner.

Sadly, that kind of callous “silver lining” rhetoric has been commonplace in the left-wing media throughout the global health crisis.

Jansing fretted: “But those gains could start to fade in just a few weeks because that’s when the cruise industry plans to get ships back onto the seas.”

Again taking a jab at DeSantis, she whined: “It’s big business in Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis has overruled one town’s vote to ban those ships.”

Turning to correspondent Josh Lederman, reporting live from a research boat off Key West, Jansing urged: “Tell us about these environmental threats that those waters face and the concerns over cruise ships.”

He replied: “…preliminary data has shown that the turbidity in the water, basically the cloudiness of the water, was less during COVID-19 than it’s tended to be over the last 25 years or so.”

So is MSNBC arguing for the abolishment of the entire cruise industry? Would the network prefer all human beings go into a permanent lockdown to prevent “pollution”?

These are the kind of fundamental questions that are never asked and never answered as the compliant media push the left’s radical climate agenda.

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