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MSNBC Lets Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann Blame Fossil Fuels for Bad Weather

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On Monday afternoon, MSNBC provided global warming alarmist and Penn State University professor Michael Mann his latest forum to blame fossil fuels for extreme weather as fill-in host Chris Jansing hosted a discussion during the 3:00 p.m. Eastern hour about recent wildfires in the West and flooding in Germany.

After correspondent Jake Ward concluded a report by claiming that “the effects of climate change” are “amplifying this natural fire cycle,” Jansing brought in Mann and talked about her own reaction to seeing the floods in Germany:

“It really hit me as we were seeing these first floodwaters come into Germany last week when the environment minister there said simply, ‘Climate change has come to Germany.’”

She then asked, “To what extent is climate change to blame for what we’re seeing in Western Europe?”

The environmental activist immediately blamed the burning of fossil fuels for recent bad weather, and suggested that such extreme weather was a choice made by those who continue using such fuel:

[I]t’s really not that complicated at this point. We would not be seeing these events in the absence of human-caused climate change, the warming of the planet from the burning of fossil fuels and the generation of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. This is catastrophic climate change. It’s here. And at this point, it’s a matter of how bad we’re willing to let it get. You know, you warm up the planet, you’re going to get more extreme and more frequent heat waves.

He added:

You’re going to get worse droughts as the heat dries out the soils. You put heat and drought together, you get these massive wildfires. At the same time, a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture. So when it does rain, which is the other side of the spectrum, you get more rainfall in shorter periods of time, these huge flooding events. So we see more extreme weather on both sides of the spectrum. And that’s what we’re now seeing play out in real time on our television screens.

Predictably, Mann also called for an end to “the burning of fossil fuels” and praised the Joe Biden administration’s plan for infrastructure spending, saying it “does try to direct resources, especially towards those frontline communities to help them be more resilient in the face of this new normal that we now live in.”

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