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Climate-change crisis is a catastrophe right now – Maui News

This 4th of July reminded me of “Ship of Fools,” about a cruise as the world careened toward World War II. Except we’re not careening toward a climate crisis — it’s a catastrophe right now.

In the U.S. and Canada, as hundreds died from extreme heat, unprecedented wildfires raged and life-slaughtering mega-droughts worsened, what did Americans do July 4th?

Drove a lot, overwhelmingly in gas-powered vehicles, and flew untold miles, including to and from Hawaii, in airplanes that are huge contributors to global heating.

Essentially, every fool declared, “Who me? My vehicle, or the plane I’m flying on are direct causes of this planetary threat? Not my vehicle, not my plane! Don’t blame me and my choices for global warming.”

I still drive a gas-powered car, but very infrequently. I ride a bike much more than I drive my car as I save for an electric vehicle. I’m excited as I get closer to my goal.

The plant-based diet I enjoy keeps me in excellent physical and mental health and has way less of an impact on the climate than factory farming of cows and other animals.

These and other lifestyle habits are choices everyone can make to emit fewer greenhouse gases. Doing so is a win for ourselves, our children and all life on Earth. Climate change isn’t a hoax, as our moronic former president said.

I urge everyone to fully awake to the climate catastrophe we’re in and do what they can to minimize emitting greenhouse gases.

Jerome Kellner


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