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Month: June 2021


AGRICULTURE: Climate change might be threatening future of apples

Patrick and Sara McGuire have been growing apples since they were married 25 years ago. Their 150 acres in Ellsworth, Mich. — dubbed Royal Farms — are a mix of sweet apples and the bitter varieties suited for making hard cider.


FINANCE: Bankers demand clarity as Sweden watchdog balks at ESG rules

In Sweden, where green bonds were pioneered, a warning from the financial regulator that it may not have the necessary tools to enforce new European Union sustainability rules has members of the financial industry voicing frustration and dismay.


SCIENCE: Warm clouds are cooling Earth, confounding climate models

While the amount of carbon dioxide emissions steadily increases in the atmosphere, the formation of warmer clouds appears to have a cooling effect that has been underestimated by widely used climate models.

Climate policy models need to get real about people — here’s how –

COMMENT 08 June 2021 To predict how society and political systems might actually respond to warming, upgrade integrated assessment models. Wei Peng Wei Peng is at the School of International Affairs and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn…

Climate Crisis Will Impose Widespread Catastrophic Impact on India: Study | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel | – The Weather Channel

File photo: Flood situation at Sankrail in Howrah district after the cyclone. (TOI, BCCL, Kolkata) The climate emergency will have a catastrophic human and economic impact on India. Different threats will lead to devastating effect, as exemplified by cyclones Tauktae…