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Month: June 2021

Global Warming Already Responsible for 1 in 3 Heat-Related Deaths – SciTechDaily

New estimates suggest Central and South America and South-East Asia most affected regions. Between 1991 and 2018, more than a third of all deaths in which heat played a role were attributable to human-induced global warming, according to a new…

As Drought Limits Hydroelectric Power, Calif. Fears Blackouts In Heatwave

Authorities are telling Californians to conserve electricity Thursday evening, as a heatwave that coincides with a severe drought has limited the availability of hydroelectric power to the state. The California Independent System Operator has issued a “Flex Alert” for the…

The sad fate of krill in the Southern Ocean

Krill in the Southern Ocean are projected to decline about 30% this century, due to human-driven climate change. But natural variability also plays a role. A new study tries to tease out the difference.

The post The sad fate of krill in the Southern Ocean first appeared on EarthSky.

Shell Gets Greener, Even as Climate Advocates Say, ‘Go Faster’

MINETY, England — On a clearing at the edge of a farm field, 40 big rectangular boxes the size of shipping containers sit behind a tall fence. Packed inside are stacks of lithium-ion cells and other electrical equipment. Wired together,…

Is the Controlled Shrinking of Economies a Better Bet to Slow Climate Change Than Unproven Technologies? – InsideClimate News

Existing plans to limit global warming rely too much on “increasingly unrealistic assumptions” that societies will be able to remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining incessant economic growth over the next 50 years, according to…

Sumitomo shareholders reject climate change resolution – Reuters

Logos of Sumitomo Corp are seen after the company’s initiation ceremony at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan April 2, 2018. REUTERS/Toru Hanai TOKYO, June 18 (Reuters) – Sumitomo Corp (8053.T) shareholders on Friday rejected a proposal requiring the trading house…

Animals’ ability to adapt their habitats key to survival amid climate change

(University of Wyoming) A research group of scientists from North America, Europe and Africa concluded that animals’ ability to respond to climate change likely depends on how well they modify their habitats, such as nests and burrows.

Footprints discovered from the last dinosaurs to walk on UK soil

(University of Portsmouth) Footprints from at least six different species of dinosaur — the very last dinosaurs to walk on UK soil 110 million years ago — have been found in Kent, a new report has announced.