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More Climate Alarmism From The Arctic Circle

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A recent article in Gizmodo titled, “Ground Temperatures Hit 118 Degrees in the Arctic Circle,” is yet another example of “climate alarmism” to hit the internet.

The author argues that select locations in Siberia recently set record high temperatures and that this could result in a host of deleterious effects down the line.

These include thawing permafrost, increased methane flux, more wildfires, and destabilization of structures standing on previously frozen ground.

In lockstep with other climate stories populating the news cycle, the driver cited for this emerging “catastrophe” is anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide.

As with many other “gloom-and-doom” reports though, the article only highlights a piece of the proverbial climate puzzle.

A broader look at short-term temperature changes in the Arctic reveals something very different: the Arctic is currently cooler than normal!

The Danish Meteorological Institute’s temperature plot of the average temperatures north of 80° N clearly depicts this:

The mean temperatures for a larger Arctic slice reveal the same trend. According to the UAH satellite temperatures of the lower atmosphere, readings north of 60° N are 0.048°C below normal for 2021 (through May 31).

The southern polar region (i.e., south of 60° S) is colder still, registering a -0.16°C anomaly for the same period.

Whether or not these trends hold up over the long term is a much deeper discussion, but suffice to say that the earth’s poles are currently cooler than normal.

What’s important to keep in mind is that “cherry-picking” data to satisfy a particular narrative is never a good idea and must always be called out.

Climate hyperbole seems to be reaching a crescendo, yet we must always be true to the tenets of the scientific method regardless of how strident the demagoguery becomes.

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