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Mich. Paper Slams Gov. Whitmer’s Decree To Close Major Pipeline Amid Fuel Shortages


A prominent Michigan newspaper took aim at Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, suggesting the governor was “clueless” after she demanded a shutdown of an oil pipeline amid shortages caused by the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

“It was as if she was clueless to the unfolding crisis caused when the Colonial line went down,” a Detroit News editorial reads. “Had Enbridge obeyed the governor’s edict and ceased transporting products through Line 5, Michigan and other Midwestern states would have experienced a similar plight.”

The editorial (paywall) argues that Whitmer’s decision to close the Line 5 pipeline Wednesday was “indefensible” given the situation with the Colonial line, adding that her proposal to carry fuel by rail or road instead was “ridiculously inadequate” and would cause infrastructure to “buckle” if her plan were to be put in motion.

But Enbridge, the Canadian company that runs Line 5, disregarded the governor’s order and continued to operate the pipeline after the deadline.

Whitmer responded by threatening to go after the company’s profits that are made after her deadline, something the editorial said may be a violation of federal law.

“The United States has a treaty with Canada forbidding either country from interfering with the cross-border transport of oil,” the editorial argues.

“For the good of Michigan and the rest of the country, the Biden administration should advise Whitmer that her actions are in violation of that pact and contrary to the best interests of the nation.”

Shutting down the pipeline that runs under the Straits of Mackinac has long been a priority for Whitmer, who made the issue a key campaign promise.

Citing the concerns of environmentalists, Whitmer argues that the nearly seven-decade-old pipeline is due for a catastrophic spill that could happen at any time, forcing her to take action to end its use.

But Enbridge argues that the line has never had a leak and says the company is taking additional steps to ensure it can be safely operated.

The Canadian government has supported the company’s case, backing it as it sought to stop the governor’s actions in federal court.

Whitmer has nevertheless remained committed to shutting the line down, citing the company’s 2010 pipeline spill that flooded the Kalamazoo River and arguing that such a spill in the Great Lakes would be catastrophic.

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