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Photos from 2021’s Eta Aquariid meteor shower

Greenish streak of light in dark sky.

View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Eliot Herman captured this photo of an Eta Aquariid meteor from Tucson, Arizona. He wrote that he captured it at: “…1:48 am on peak night [morning of May 5, 2021]. The radiant is still below the horizon, resulting in this long-trail meteor with the beautiful green, typical of Halley’s comet-derived meteors. My backyard view.” Thank you, Eliot!

Blue background with streak of light blue.

View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Kathie O’Donnell in Rapid City, South Dakota, captured this photo of an Eta Aquariid slicing through the Big Dipper on May 4, 2021. She wrote: “On the hunt for Eta Aquariids from the back porch again. I witnessed one meteor around 12:18 a.m. GoPro picked this one up at 2:57 a.m., followed by another one at 4:04 a.m. May the 4th be with you!” Thank you, Kathie!

Bottom line: The Eta Aquariid meteor shower peaks from May 3 through May 6 in 2021, and readers are sending us their best photos. If you have a great shot to share, send it to EarthSky Community Photos!

Kelly Kizer Whitt