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Letter: Hard to reconcile Balentine stance on clean energy, climate change –

In his opinion piece (“Maine should connect with clean energy,” April 23), John Balentine supports clean energy (CEn) initiatives, but never clearly states for what purpose and to what end CEn is vital. It is rather difficult, therefore, for readers to reconcile his desire for CEn, coupled with his inability to “see” any connection between CEn and global warming/climate change.

Given the world’s keen interest in finding workable solutions/plans for climate change/global warming (e.g., Paris Accords), Mr. Balentine continues to support Republican propaganda, i.e., global warming/climate change are hoaxes, when he opines: “But if you truly believe global warming is a dire threat to humanity (which I don’t, by the way) …”. However, readers must ask, what amount of facts, tables, figures, reports and scientific findings can be brought to bear (reports by the Environmental Defense Fund, United Nations Environment Program, American Geophysical Union, etc.) in order for Mr. Balentine to accept such warnings that global warming/climate change are real and should be addressed now, rather than later?

Greenhouse gases are the main contributor to global warming. With the earth becoming “hotter,” polar ice packs and mountain glaciers will be reduced, ocean levels will rise, causing disturbances in worldwide climate systems, resulting in more severe storms and drought. Long-term programs to reduce greenhouse gases, by utilization of CEn, will assist in “slowing down” the rate of global warming. In the not-too-distant future, water will replace gold and oil as the most precious commodity of value. Indeed, reducing global warming is essential for the survival of many parts of the world.

Nevertheless, Mr. Balentine’s hope is that with ocean levels rising, in the future, he may finally possess “oceanfront” property at his home in Windham: For Mr. Balentine, global warming has its advantages!

John M. Mishler

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