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Al Roker Praises Biden’s EPA For Driving Fossil-Fueled Cars Off The Road

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Launching NBC’s week of left-wing environmentalist propaganda leading up to Earth Day, on NBC’s 3rd Hour Today show Monday morning, co-host Al Roker sat down for a softball chat with the Biden administration’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency (pictured, right).

The longtime TV weatherman was particularly excited that the new EPA chief was pressuring auto companies into taking internal combustion vehicles off the road.

“From California’s record-shattering 2020 wildfires to the unprecedented hurricane season in the south, climate change is reshaping the country’s landscape and coastlines. Science is telling us that time for action is quickly running out,” Roker warned viewers as the taped portion of the segment began.

Turning to Biden’s EPA administrator, Michael Regan, Roker worried: “How urgent is our position as far as our climate’s concerned?”

After Regan assured that “it’s not too late” to address the “climate crisis,” Roker eagerly touted: “All eyes are on the administration ahead of this week’s Earth Day summit, where they’ll announce the nation’s new commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.”

Regan predicted that at the upcoming Thursday event “the President is going to announce a really ambitious number, and I believe that most people will be really excited about how aggressive that number’s going to be.”

Roker hoped for the most draconian government regulations possible: “Reductions of 50% or more are possible, nearly doubling President Obama’s pledge in 2015.”

He especially fretted that after a Republican being in the White House “there’s ground to make up, where the past four years of environmental deregulation and inaction has left its mark.”

Openly lobbying for radical Democratic Party policies, Roker tried to sell the massive proposed “infrastructure” bill being pushed by Biden: “The EPA is also part of the President’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Money budgeted for climate-related projects in the billions.”

Following Regan’s assertion that “Cars, larger vehicles, are a significant contributor” to fossil fuel emissions, Roker applauded the EPA trying to dictate what products private companies should sell: “Regan confirming his agency is in talks with U.S. automakers about transitioning traditional fuel-burning cars off the road.”

NBC’s climate crusader wondered: “How are you going to nudge those combustion engine vehicles off the road when they’re lasting 10, 12, 15 years?”

Regan replied that the government would bring sufficient “pressure” to bear on the industry until it caved: “We’re having those conversations right as we speak. It’s our job to be sure that we set the rules of the road so that they have the right amount of pressure to move and get there as quickly as possible.”

Roker never bothered to ask how Americans would be able to afford significantly more expensive electric vehicles once the internal combustion engine was effectively banned by the Biden administration.

The morning show host fawned over Regan, noting that in addition to working “to save our planet,” the EPA chief was “also making history in his new role” as the first African-American to hold the position.

The topic then turned to race relations, with Roker hinting at environmentalism being a civil rights issue: “What do you think can be done right now to help address those, especially communities of color, that are so disproportionately affected by air pollution, water pollution, things like that?”

Regan provided a predictably woke response:

Environmental justice and equity has to be a part of the DNA of EPA. Systemic racism is a problem in this country, and the environment has not escaped that. We have to take a look at where those injustices have occurred.

Since Biden was sworn into office, Roker has been cheering on the administration’s determination to impose its radical climate agenda by fiat and even strategized with billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates on how big tech could shut down “climate deniers.”

When it comes to this issue, Roker is nothing more than a partisan hack rooting for whatever stringent measures the Democratic Party wants to enforce.

Roker’s blatant attempt to sell Biden’s leftist climate agenda was brought to viewers by Procter & Gamble and Progressive. You can fight back by letting these advertisers know what you think of them sponsoring such content.

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