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US and Canada join forces on global warming – Environment Analyst

Underscoring the end of its climate change denial, the US has signed up to working with its northern neighbour to tackle the problem


A declaration signed by the heads of the US Environmental Protection Agency and Canada’s minister for environment & climate change commits the two countries to work together to tackle climate change and promote environmental justice.

The statement follows the release of a roadmap for a renewed US-Canada partnership by president Biden and prime minister Trudeau, in February, and comes ahead of a virtual leaders’ Climate Summit, to be hosted by Biden on 22 April.

The newly-appointed head of the EPA, Michael Regan, has a track record in initiatives to tackle climate change. Canada’s environment and climate change minister, Jonathan Wikinson, announced a climate plan for his country in December.

The agreement says: “We know that the global climate is changing. We will join together to reach for the innovations of tomorrow, building back our economies to promote employment, sustainability and equity.”

The declaration specifically covers reducing methane produced by the oil and gas industries “and potentially other sectors”, cleaning up emission from the transportation sector and promoting cleaner energy generation.

It notes: “Thirty years ago, our countries joined forces to reduce public health risks from acid rain. We have worked together to cut harmful emissions from sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and fine particulates.”

The US and Canada are two of the world’s largest oil and gas methane emitters and were founding members of the Global Methane Initiative.