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Climactivists Launch New Assault On Hog And Dairy Industry

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A group of 25 climate activist groups filed a petition this week with the U.S. EPA to restrict hog and dairy operations due to their asserted impacts on climate change.

The petition reveals, yet again, that the same climate activists who appear in front of state legislative committees while claiming to be concerned about climate change’s impact on farmers, ranchers, and livestock operations, will immediately after the hearings target, vilify, and slander livestock producers to anybody else who will listen.

The petition argues that EPA should “regulate industrial dairy and hog operations under section 111 of the Clean Air Act because these operations cause and contribute significantly to air and climate pollution that endangers public health and welfare.”

“Over the past few decades, these operations have dramatically grown in size and number while simultaneously spewing unabated and increasing air pollution, including methane, a climate super pollutant,” the petition continues.

The petition claims to be specifically targeting large hog and dairy farms, but the same arguments are made against livestock operations of all sizes when climate activists address the United Nations, American policy bodies, and the public at large.

Climate activists despise – don’t defend – farmers, ranchers, and livestock production.

Image by hannahlmyers from Pixabay

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