The climate emergency we face demands our attention as its impacts affect all of us. Not only does this crisis demand immediate action, it also requires media coverage to raise awareness and facilitate prevention of catastrophic events.

The Paris Climate Accord has aimed to hold global warming to 2 degrees Celsius warming above the average temperature at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in 1750. We have already exceeded 1 degree Celsius and we are heading for significant warming over 2 degrees Celsius. This warming will be devastating for future generations setting off a cascade of tipping points that are unimaginable.

The City of Flagstaff has declared a climate emergency and is working on local actions, yet we as a community and as a human race need to demand action and media coverage of what these steps are. There are many ways to get involved with local, national and even global groups committed on working together on this existential crisis. Please don’t ignore the climate emergency we face and get involved, hold our elected officials accountable and demand this issue to be headline news.