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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: March 2021

Janet Yellen: Climate change poses ‘existential threat’ to financial markets – POLITICO

“We cannot only look back and learn the lessons of last year,” Yellen said at that meeting. “We must also look ahead, at emerging risks. Climate change is obviously the big one.” Yellen’s decision to put climate change at the…

NASA measures direct evidence humans are causing climate change – CBS News

It may come as a surprise, given the extensive body of evidence connecting humans to climate change, that directly-observed proof of the human impact on the climate had still eluded science. That is, until now. In a first-of-its-kind study, NASA…

Biden’s Climate Plan Means Tough Choices: Which Homes Get Saved?

While Mr. Trump was president, that idea continued to gain momentum after a series of devastating hurricanes. Agencies that help communities rebuild after disasters began pushing harder for what they called “large-scale migration or relocation,” through buying and demolishing vulnerable…

Down the Rabbit Hole: Bunnies in Wales Dig Up Treasure of 9,000-Year-old Artifacts

Reprinted with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, politics, science, health, and travel. Alone on the windswept island Skokholm, wardens have found Stone Age tools and a pottery shard from an unlikely survey plot—down a rabbit burrow. The finds date to 3,750—9,000 years ago, and include tools for making seal hide clothes […]

The post Down the Rabbit Hole: Bunnies in Wales Dig Up Treasure of 9,000-Year-old Artifacts appeared first on Good News Network.

French Connoisseurs Just Tasted the Bordeaux Wine That Spent a Year in Space: ‘Beautiful!’

Bottles of wines recently brought back from the International Space Station were finally opened and drank—several of them—for research purposes. Having drifted 273 miles above the surface of the Earth for a year, a dozen bottles of Petrus Pomerol, as well as 320 snippets of grape vines, were brought back down as part of an […]

The post French Connoisseurs Just Tasted the Bordeaux Wine That Spent a Year in Space: ‘Beautiful!’ appeared first on Good News Network.

Biden Rolls Out His Infrastructure Plan

By Coral Davenport President Biden on Wednesday is announcing the details of his $2 trillion infrastructure initiative, and it includes hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change. Under the plan, roads, bridges and airports would be made more…

AOC: Joe Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan ‘Needs To Be Way Bigger’

President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, dubbed the American Jobs Plan, is not sufficient and “needs to be way bigger,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said on Tuesday prior to the proposal’s formal unveiling. Biden is outlining his $2 trillion…

Porkapalooza II: Biden Rolls Out $2.25T Spending Spree For Infrastructure

President Biden is rolling out a $2.25 trillion plan on Wednesday that would overhaul U.S. infrastructure such as roads and bridges, pour billions of dollars into retrofitting housing and transit with an eye toward climate change, and create new jobs…

Why the sun isn’t causing today’s climate change – Mashable

Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. Yes, the sun is a profoundly important factor in Earth’s climate. It always will be. But scientists, like those at NASA, know the sun…

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