Joe Biden’s administration is getting ready to spend much of your tax money on the highly politicized climate-change theory.

According to a chart of heat capacity for gases, the heat capacity of CO2 is .844, less than nitrogen at 1.04 and oxygen at .919. Consider that CO2 is only 400 parts per million of the atmosphere, or 0.04%; nitrogen is at 78%, and oxygen at 21%. Other gases make up the rest.

Now, it is said that the increase of CO2 is responsible for global warming. Seeing as the heat capacity of CO2 is less than that of nitrogen and oxygen, it seems highly unlikely that CO2 — being just 400 parts of a million — would have a measurable effect on the other 999,600 parts. If CO2 holds less heat than nitrogen and oxygen, how can it be responsible for the warming of the atmosphere? Seems to me that your tax dollars are going to be spent on what looks like a myth about global warming.

Alex P. Janssen

Albemarle County