Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Future global warming projections and impact, according to ‘The Fate of the World’.


Truce= A temporary end of widespread conflict within a region.

Bann= The player cannot access a region, a societal collapse within a region.

Revive= The player is allowed to access the region again, a societal resurgence.

Fallout= Nuclear fallout.

Political instability= Civil wars, warfare, social unrest, political polarization/nationalism/communism/etc.

Critical situation= The societal within a region is hanging on by a thread due to mountaing pressures.

Resource supply outsource= A lack of resources such as oil/coal/energy.etc.

Forced migration= Climate refugees, people escaping war, and people migrating from devastated areas.

SEA= South-East Aisa, Indonesia, Taiwan, Burma, Vietnan.

IND= India, Bangladesh, Nepal.

OCE= Oceania, Australia, New Zealand.

EUR= Europe.

RUS= Russia.

CHI= China, Korean peninsula, Mongolia.

JAP= Japan.

ME= Middle East, Central Asia, Turkey.

NAF= North Africa, Egypt, Nigeria.

SAF= South Africa, Kenya, Nambia.

NAM= North America, Mexico, Canada.

LAM= Brazil, Argentina, Colombia.