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Gutfeld Rips John Kerry As Climate Czar: ‘Biden Mistook Him For A Tree’

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld Tuesday dismissed President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks and said he selected former Secretary of State John Kerry as his “climate czar because he mistook him for a tree.”

“First there’s Kerry — what the morticians call a discount special,” Gutfeld said in his opening monologue on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“Biden made him climate czar because he mistook him for a tree,” he said in reference to Kerry being tagged as Biden’s “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” with a seat on the National Security Council.

“There’s a deadly terrorist attack in Paris: he sends James Taylor,” Gutfeld said, showing a video of James Taylor serenading a French audience with the 1970s hit “You’ve Got a Friend.”

“Yeah, they wanted that,” Gutfeld continued, noting that Kerry predicted “riots” when President Donald Trump moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: “he was wrong.”

“He said there would be no peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process. Wrong again. The Fox News host suggested that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, “a mere novice, ran circles around ‘Lurch’ Kerry.”

Gutfeld suggested Biden is attempting to restructure the U.S. government because “Trump’s team broke the mold and Joe’s tea thinks this is how you piece it all back together, although they have no idea what to fix. Because what they call damage was progress, prosperity, peace — yeah, that sucks.”

Gutfeld then turned his attention to Tony Blinken, reportedly tapped as Biden’s choice for secretary of state. “Then, there’s Blinken — my favorite reindeer,” quipped Gutfeld.

“Like John Kerry, he whiffed on Middle East peace, but add Syria, ISIS, Iran, and Libya. The guy’s been wrong on so many things it is better to list what he’s been right on.”

The Fox News host suggested that Biden’s cabinet will appeal to the national media: “an elite staff means elite access so the press can once again feel superior over you. And they’re also boring which the press mistakes as competent.”

Gutfeld suggested that the potential cabinet members may lack sparkle but “the worst part about war is that it’s boringly efficient at filling up body bags — something Trump avoided but that won’t happen again.”

Calling the president “an outsider,” Gutfeld listed what he said were some of Trump’s major accomplishments: prison reform, reducing the North Korean threat, achieving Middle East peace treaties, and increasing the standard of living.

“Don’t even start yelling for that,” Gutfeld concluded. “Ushering in vaccines faster than thought possible. Orange Godzilla did all this while undermined and hated by the establishment. No wonder they now seek refuge in the warm swamp of Joe’s mediocrity. They’re  wimps.”

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